“So …settle back, and let me tell you a story….” 

….and over the next few moments you find yourself becoming entranced  and joining a world that weaves in and out leaving you feeling connected and willing to listen more.

On a personal level – this helps with family, friendships and colleagues, improving interpersonal relationships and improving communication.

On a business level – you present, inspire, communicate and narrate your business story, your business case, providing information  on a different level to inspire and inform…. and even sell. 

This is StorySelling.

Improve your speaking & communication skills and be twice as good

Personal Storyselling is the art of telling a story with the aim of connecting to your audience (be it one or many), so they remember, understand, and feel like they have got value from listening to you. You connect with them through narratives that awaken their interest, and in the end, fall in love with what you have to offer.”

Business Storyselling is the art of telling a story with the aim of attracting your audience, so they remember, connect, and perceive the benefits of acquiring your product or service. As a result, it entails connecting with them through narratives that awaken their interest, and in the end, fall in love with what you have to offer.

What we do

G2S provides training and coaching sessions to improve presentation and speaking skills at every level in your organisation. 

Our training has been designed to improve the way your people – managers, presenters, client facing staff, company representatives, influencers, sales-people and group/team leaders – get their message across (either as a speaker to a formal or informal group or within a work team environment). 

In a series of 6 (in-house) productive sessions of approXimately 2 hours,  phased over a number of weeks to allow for development of projects delivered at each session (*), we will provide the space for your people to feel more confident, speak and persuade better and improve both their message and their delivery. 

After just 12 hours your people will have gained confidence and presentation skills to:

  • Improve messages – structure, outcomes and meeting audience needs
  • Improve communication clarity, speaking voice, pace and body language
  • Improve confidence with simple processes and clear structures for memorising and delivery 
  • Reduce common speaking concerns – body movement, umm’s err’ s, meltdowns
  • Use persuasive NLP communication tips to improve language and message delivery
  • Improve productivity / work outputs. Get more done with clearer messages
  • Improve listening skills and learn to provide better and more motivational feedback 

 (*)     Alternatively, a 2-day workshop would provide a similar output (albeit with less ‘external learning and preparation’ time)

The cost of the course is $150 (+ GST) per person per session 


  • A room to be made available for 2 hours per week. This works well at  work fringe times – (i.e. 7-9am) for 6 weeks or staggered to suit
  • Minimum 5 participants
  • Whiteboard and pens
  • Motivated staff who want to learn and are prepared to step up and be challenged!! 


“Great supportive environment to get comfortable and learn about crafting and presenting speeches”

Nicola R

“Superb course for upping your speaking game and growing confidence.”

Kate B

“Whilst challenging fitting in the crash course alongside full-time work, I would fully recommend the  course to anyone looking to improve their spoken skills. Giving speeches in a supportive environment has really helped to build my confidence – I’ve learned a lot about myself and learned a lot from my fellow speaking students.”

John K

About Us

Gary and Mike have been members of Toastmasters International and public speakers for many years. Both have been Presidents of some of the most successful Toastmasters Clubs in NZ and the UK;  Mike was the 1997/98 Governor for the UK and Ireland, District. 

We have successfully delivered 100’s of speeches and presentations to large and small groups of people across professional and informal audiences and run leadership and speechcraft courses to a wide variety of corporate, community, charity and school groups.

Gary Walker

Gary is a successful business owner and  business consultant. 

He is NLP* trained, and operates as a mentor and coach to businesses, high performance individuals and workshops. 

Coaching / Public Speaking Experience

  • Advanced Toastmaster 
  • Past president for a very successful club
  • Completed the Speaker to trainer course
  • Completed Speechcraft training to organisations
  • Improv experience & celebrant
  • Successful coaching and counselling practice 
  • Sales, systems and effective team work workshops

* NLP is short for Neuro Linguistic Programming and uses the power of language and structure to improve messages (Brain – Neuro)

Mike Silverman

Mike works as a Corporate Uncle to various companies after a career in commercial management and business development across various industries in the UK, USA and Australasia. 

He worked in television where he co-founded and managed the original Carlton Television, which is now the UK’s ITV. After being head-hunted by Richard Branson, Mike set up and managed the television division of the Virgin Group.  He later worked for Technicolor managing the UK television playout centre he built for The Walt Disney Company.

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